June 25, 2010


So sometimes I like to take videos of me knitting while watching TV in a snuggie, what's it to ya? I wanted to see what I looked like when I knit. Now I know how I look to the rest of the world, absolutely ridiculous.
I'm working on an Antro-Inspired Capelet for my sister, this time in a 100% wool Tidepool Heather instead of a cotton-blend Ivory. I hope she likes it!

June 15, 2010

Little dudes

I'm gonna start making some of these little dudes to use up my leftover yarn from my projects. I only have one set of double-pointed needles and they're size 3 metal ones I bought before I even knew how to use them. I couldn't make the ears the way the pattern said to (I kept losing track of which needle to use next) so I just made them flat with stockinette stitch in the middle and k1 on the edges, they are only 4 stitches wide. Also, my seaming rather sucks ass. All in all I rather like this little dude, I might include him with my dad's father's day gift.

June 13, 2010

Scarflet Done!

All done! I decided to sequin the flap-thingies because I messed up one part on one side and then I had to even it out. I rather like how it came out! Next project- a scarf for dad, hopefully by father's day!